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Xpress Premier Business - 6.0 mb/512 kb High-Speed Internet

ITS Speed

This is the enhanced version of Xpress Premier with even faster upload speed of 1.0 mbps. Gives the ability to upload large data files and is great for those who enjoy gaming and movies online. You can even use security video for monitoring your home with this Xpress Premier Plus 6.0/1.


  • Up to 5 e-mail boxes, and 1 GB of storage space per e-mail box plus a personal web page
  • Individual username, password, and spam settings for each e-mail box
  • Easy online access to your e-mail
  • 24/7 standard domestic tech support, 365 days/year for basic internet and e-mail issues
  • Tech support now in both English and Spanish (Se habla Espanol)


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