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Maintenance/Tech Support Plans

ITS Speed

Inside Wire Maintenance Plan (Phone + Internet)

This plan helps you avoid a service call and other charges for wire maintenance needs inside your home and the advantage that most future repairs will be covered. Inside wire refers to all the phone/internet wiring and jacks inside your home up to the point where it connects with the regulated telephone network (called the demarcation point).


Data Trouble Isolation Plan

ITS offers an optional Internet (Data) Trouble Isolation & Modem/Router Coverage Plan for a low monthly fee. This plan covers the labor and costs for a technician to make a premise visit, (if needed) and to isolate the source of an Internet problem. It also covers the costs to repair or replace any ITS provided router/modem found to be defective in material or workmanship and not covered under a term agreement.


Inside Wire + Data Trouble Plan

Our most popular tech support plan includes both inside wire coverage and data trouble isolation plan features.



Ultimate Support Plan

Combines all three of our main technical and equipment support plans: Wire Maintenance, Internet (Data) Trouble Isolation and Streaming Video Support.


Click here for details on all ITS Telecom Maintenance/Tech Support Plans.

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