The ITS Fiber Zymmetric: First with Gigibit in our area.

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Get faster, even more reliable high-speed internet with ITS Fiber where your own direct connection keeps your surfing consistent. And unlike other companies, you have a connection that's yours 100% of the time! (ITS Fiber is available now in select areas. Our standard high-speed internet is available to areas where fiber has not been constructed yet)

  • ITS Fiber High Speed Internet Includes:
  • Up to 5 e-mail boxes (addresses)
  • Up to 1 GB of storage space per e-mail box
  • Individual username, password, and spam settings for each e-mail box
  • Personal web page with custom URL
  • Easy online access to your e-mail at
  • 24/7 standard domestic tech support, 365 days/year for basic internet and e-mail issues
  • Tech support now in both English and Spanish (Se habla Espanol)
  • Why ITS Fiber instead of other internet?
  • 100% FIBER OPTIC NETWORK TO THE HOME. This means THE fastest internet you can get anywhere in this area!
  • More variety of high-speed internet options for every need and budget
  • ITS Telecom's network is 100% underground
  • Back-up systems for all equipment, so less chance of adverse effects from weather or power outages
  • Fast, efficient, and very personalized service from your local company
  • Advanced technical and computer support, repair and maintenance available for issues beyond standard tech support. (TotalTech remote tech support, and ITS Your Computer Guy computer service to your home)


ITS Fiber Zymmetric Internet - Speeds from 50 Mbps to 1Gig! (1000 Mbps)
Reliable 100% fiber optic connection with the fastest upload and download speeds to fit your lifestyle. Call customer service 597-2111 for availability of ITS Fiber in your area.
3.0 mb DSL High-Speed Internet
For average web users who download data and mid-size photo files, listen to music or internet radio online.
6.0 mb/512 kb DSL High-Speed Internet
For frequent internet users and those who view movies and play video games. Also great for average business applications.
6.0 mb/1.mb DSL High-Speed Internet
An enhanced version of Xpress Premier with even faster upload speed. Gives the ability to upload large data files or even use security video for monitoring your home.
10.0 mb DSL High-Speed Internet
Excellent for users where multi-tasking and speed are crucial and who may use complex software or want enhanced video viewing.
16.0 mb DSL High-Speed Internet
Superfast internet for professionals or those who frequently download movies, play advanced video games or need to upload/download very large data or graphic files. **
**Available only in certain areas.


Feature 1
SecureIT from $1.95 per month
SecureIT and its two companion products, SecureITPlus and SecureITLive provide automated computer protection and internet security service for home or small businesses.
Additional E-mail Addresses
Purchase additional phone lines for your home office, fax line or other purpose.
Maintenance Plans
For a low monthly fee, ITS had phone and Internet maintenance plans saving you additional charges for the service calls.


ITS Telecom not only gives you better high-speed internet, but we offer ITS Your Computer Guy for your PC's service, repair, networking and support needs at reasonable prices.