The ITS Fiber Zymmetric: First with Gigibit in our area.

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Get faster, more reliable high-speed internet with ITS Fiber Zymmetric where your symmetric (equal upload and download speeds) fiber-optic bandwidth connection will give you better, more consistent performance. (ITS Fiber is available most areas. Our standard high-speed internet is available to areas where fiber has not been constructed yet.)

  • ITS Fiber Zymmetric High Speed Internet Includes:
  • Up to 5 e-mail boxes (addresses)
  • Up to 1 GB of storage space per e-mail box
  • Individual username, password, and spam settings for each e-mail box
  • Easy online access to your e-mail at
  • 24/7 standard domestic tech support, 365 days/year for basic internet and e-mail issues
  • Tech support in both English and Spanish (Se habla Espanol)
  • Why ITS Fiber instead of other Internet?
  • 100% FIBER OPTIC NETWORK TO THE HOME. This means THE fastest internet you can get anywhere in this area!
  • More variety of high-speed internet options for every need and budget
  • ITS Telecom's network is 100% underground
  • Back-up systems for all equipment, so less chance of adverse effects from weather or power outages
  • Fast, efficient, and very personalized service from your local company


ITS Fiber Zymmetric Internet - Speeds from 200 Mbps to 1Gig! (1000 Mbps)
Reliable 100% fiber optic connection with equal upload and download speeds to fit your lifestyle.
Call customer service 597-2111 for availability of ITS Fiber in your area.
Standard Internet Speeds from up to 3 mb to 16 mb*
Our standard high-speed Internet (3.0 mb up to 16 mb) is available to customers in our non-fiber areas
**Standard 16 mb Internet available only in certain areas.




Feature 1
SecureIT from $1.95 per month
SecureIT and its two companion products, SecureITPlus and SecureITLive provide automated computer virus protection and internet security service for home.
Additional E-mail Addresses
Purchase additional phone lines for your home office, fax line or other purpose.
Tech Support-Maintenance Plans
For a low monthly fee, ITS has phone, Internet and Wi-Fi network maintenance plans giving you advance tech support and saving you additional charges for service calls.


ITS Telecom not only gives you better high-speed internet, but we offer ITS Your Computer Guy for your PC's service, repair, networking and support needs at reasonable prices.